ANSYS Academic license is available for the students participating teams in Formula Imperial 2024. Teams can take advantage of free software to get better prepare for the competition by exploring engineering simulation skills.

Fill the form to apply for the software –

2. Altair

Altair is offering free Commercial grade license to the participating team and academic license to the engineering institutes participating in Formula Imperial 2024.

Teams can also apply for the Altair Sponsorship Program – Details –

3. IPG Carmaker

Our partner IPG Carmaker UK is providing free 4 license file per team.

The steps for Formula Student license files would be as follows (also, see here and click on “Formula CarMaker”:

Register your/the team for the program (here:

After registration, the team will get an Individual “Id” to apply for license files with, along with further info and a link to the application site. The application can be filled out several times to get several license files. After an application is processed, the team will get their license file as an e-mail; as well as login data to obtain the software and come Formula Student specific resources/installation guides etc.