Formula Imperial has open doorways of new experience, challenges, unchartered skills and amazing competition for the participating teams by creating an environment of opportunities.

Recognizing and seizing opportunities can be the key to achieving success, innovation, and advancement and thus Formula Imperial is creating an strategic opportunities to enhance, emphasize and encounter the skills and produce sustainable motorsport environment.

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Placement Drive: Every year Formula Imperial organizes the placement drive for the participants where top automotive OEM’s recruit the students at the event for various job roles. The opportunity is not limited at the event only, post event placement drives also conducted to offer better career opportunities for the participants.

Formula Imperial offers minimum 2 placement drive opportunities to the final year students participating in the competition with placement assurance so as to ensure the successful career path forward for the participants.

Formula Imperial not only believes in skilling but offering suitable career opportunities for the students. Till date we have placed more than 7500 participants in top automotive OEM’s.

Expert Talks: Every year Formula Imperial organizes expert talks on topics such as Automotive Technology, Entrepreneurship, Scope and Opportunties. We ensure to deiver a knowledge through industry experts to make aware the students about new technologies and advancement towards the sustainable mobility and entrepreneurship.

The expert talks focuses on Transformative Automotive Technologies, Entrepreneurship in the Automotive Sector, Success Stories and Strategies, Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey, Sustainability and Social Responsibility, New Technological Advancements, Softwares and Tools, etc.

Driver Training Program : A student formula driver training program is an exciting and educational initiative that can help young and aspiring motorsport enthusiasts learn the ropes of formula racing. Formula Imperial believes in nurturing the talent and enthusiasts of motorsports by offering this platform. The programs is based on formula racing is and its significance in the world of motorsports, Emphasizing the importance of safety, skill development, and sportsmanship, Vehicle basics, Safety Protocols, Driving Techniques such as braking, acceleration, cornering, and overtaking, Concept of aerodynamics and its impact on driving, Track Etiquette, Vehicle Dynamics, Racing Strategy, Fitness and Nutrition, Career Development, etc.

It is a initiative to provide young enthusiasts with the knowledge and skills they need to pursue a career in the exciting world of motorsports.

JK Tyre Drift Challenge : Pioneer of motorsport in India, JK Tyre organizes Jk Tyre Drift Challenge. It is great to watch competition where engineering skills and driving skills meets to offer a spectators an unforgettable experience.
JK Tyre Drift Challenge is a discipline in which drivers intentionally oversteer their vehicles while maintaining control and driving through a set course. The goal of drifting is not to achieve the fastest lap time but to demonstrate car control and skill in maintaining a controlled slide. The competition is evaluated based on factors such as angle, speed, line, and style. The driver who can maintain the best combination of these elements throughout the course is usually awarded the highest score. Drivers who excel in the Drift Challenge often have a high level of car control, precision, and a deep understanding of vehicle dynamics.

DJ Night : After a long jounrey of participants going through several rounds includes statis and dynamic events, the stage comes when everybody wants to celebrate their journey. Formula Imperial organizes a DJ Night to entertain the participants and enjoy their winning moments at the competition. It offers entertainment for the participants with energetic dancing and enjoyment, with the audience grooving to the music. It offers participants a fantastic time and relaxing moments after a busy competition.