Formula Imperial ( FI-HVC) is  the new version of very popular event, HVC (Hybrid Vehicle Challenge). This is a student formula style hybrid and electric vehicle design and manufacturing event, organise by Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers  (ISIEINDIA). ISIEINDIA organised first hybrid student formula style challenge in India. The intent of the challenge is to design and fabricate a hybrid vehicle or an electric vehicle under ISIEINDIA design restrictions. Event give the chance to students to demonstrate and prove their creativity and their engineering skills to compete with a Formula-style vehicle in areas of engineering design, overall cost, marketability and dynamic performance in comparison to teams from other universities or colleges around Asia. 
The Formula Electric and Hybrid categories are separate. Although they compete in the same events, they are scored separately; winner of event will be highest scoring team weather that is electric or Hybrid. The event scoring formulas will maintain separate baselines for Hybrid and Electric categories. For autocross, acceleration, Cross pad and Endurance test, there will be separate winner for both categories of vehicle.


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Final Event
5TH FI-HVC 2019

Event dates: January 2019 
Venue: Buddh International Circuit Circuit, Gr. Noida.


Formula Hybrid

Teams must manufacture a formula style vehicle that use IC engine and electric motor to run their vehicle which is called Formula Hybrid  Vehicle.
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Formula Electric

Team must manufacture formula style vehicle that is charged from an electric source and propelled by electric drive only which is called Formula Electric Vehicle.

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